God Of War PS4 Original Closed Case Security Strips Blueray Game

God of War, an action-adventure game by developed Santa Monica Studio and published by Sony, is among the best games of all time. Developed exclusively for PlayStation 4 console, God of War tells the continuation of the story of Kratos, one of the most iconic characters in the game world. God of War is based Norse on mythology, unlike the old games of series inspired by Greek mythology. In the story of the game, kratos and his son Atreus embark on an adventure to climb the highest peak of nine realms to you like the last wish of Atreus’ deceased mother. Encountering Norse of gods mythology and formidable monsters throughout the journey of, the duo engage in a relentless struggle to complete their mission.

Players encounter an older and mature Kratos God of War of the latest installment in the series. In the game where Kratos uses the Leviathan, a magical battle ax instead of his famous chained with swords, as a weapon, Atreus also helps his father in fights with his enchanted arrows. Unlike the fixed camera of the previous games, the game is played from a third-person perspective, and players can change Kratos’ perspective as they wish. The God of War Ps4 game, whose, storytelling art direction, world design, graphics, characters and combat system are highly appreciated by players around the world, is among best-selling console games of 2018. Kratos’ magic ax Leviathan plays a major role in the fighting of mechanics God of War game. The ax, which can be used both in melee and thrown at enemies, can be magically amplify the summoned back into Kratos’ hand. Players can also customize the weapon as they wish by equipping Kratos’ ax Leviathan with items with different properties. Alongside Leviathan, Kratos also has a magic shield called Guardian Shield, which helps protect him from attacks. Players can turn on and off the magical shield attached to Kratos’ arm at any time.

A Breathtaking Adventure in Norse Mythology

While child birth the main character Kratos, players can assign tasks to Atreus and prepare combos that deal great damage to the enemies, giving them an advantage against the toughest enemies.

A perfect adaptation Norse of mythology, god of War offers players a unique gaming experience set in the Viking land.

Unlike other games in the God of War series, can change the players armor Kratos wears and create a special god of war by customizing the magical weapons as they wish.

The semi-open world of the game allows to players explore hidden places, learn all the secrets of Norse mythology and fight head-to-head with powerful optional foes like the valkyrie.

The game, which conveys road story of Kratos and Atreus with a masterful narration, has many different cinematics from emotional scenes to action scenes.

God of War console game, which has 4 difficulty levels, to appeals players from all walks of life.

Additional Information About the Product

Compatibility: PlayStation 4

Game Genre: Action-Adventure

Age: 18 +

There is a God of War game disc compatible with PlayStation 4 empty capsule-covered in the product box.

Years of Console Gaming Experience: Santa Monica Studio

Founded in Los Angeles in 1999, Santa Monica Studio has nearly 50 games developed specifically the for PlayStation consoles. Among the projects of the company, which has achieved great success especially with the God of War series, there are also the most remarkable games of recent years, such as Journey and Order 1886.

By purchasing the God of War game for your PlayStation 4 game console, you can join the breathtaking adventure of Kratos and Atreus and enter into a fierce fight with the fantastic monsters norse of mythology.

Kratos; A of the latest a god of living as a man, outside the shadow of the gods, he lives alone in a foreign land in Norwegian mythology. His new purpose and his are final by his side. Kratos will have to fight to survive, as powerful enemies will threaten the new life he has created.

Is hope what makes us strong?

Kratos is back. This latest iteration of God of War takes a deep dive into the emotional journey immortal of half-man and makes a decision to change it.

God of War of Monsters

Discover some of terrifying creatures you will encounter on your journey full of perils.

Witness how they transform from sketch to digital design to fully animated in-game characters.

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PlayStation 4

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